Passion and Love for the Homes that we sell

We are a team of Real Estate Specialists ready to help you in every step of the sale of your home. We can take care of every aspect of it, and we can assist you from A to Z: from determining your home’s price to the signature at the notary.

When it comes to the sale of a home our philosophy is: quality and great costumer service above all. We care about presenting your home in the best way possible:

– by taking beautiful photos and videos (we often come back multiple times to be able to get the best light for the best images)
– by making elegant and complete files for potential buyers
– by spending a great amount of time talking to potential buyers to learn their preferences and their needs to be able to propose interesting properties to them

Different types of contracts:

Every situation is different and we adapt to every need offering costume made solutions and various rates. We mainly propose two types of sale: exclusive and non-exclusive.

The exclusive sale is the type of assignment that the majority of our clients choose. With this choice we exclusively take care of the sale of your property, we put into place a clear strategy and we take over all the aspects leading to a successful sale transaction. It’s our “relax and enjoy life, while we take care of everything” package. Additionally, it has a more convenient rate than the non-exclusive sale.

The non-exclusive sale is more rarely requested. It consists on the sale of your property by multiple agencies at the same time. As for the other contract, we make our maximum effort to promote and sell your property at the highest price. This formula can be convenient for certain situations and it is generally remunerated with an higher commission because our work may not be compensated at the end.

When do we get payed?

We do not ask for additional fees like consultancy fees or file handling fees or photos session fees etc. We are payed only by a commission after the buyer’s offer has been accepted and when the first transaction takes place.

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