Certain situations require to go the extra mile by staging some living spaces, reorganizing and/or redecorating. Sometimes small changes make a huge difference in the welcoming of a living space: “Home isn’t a place, it’s a feeling”. We offer different types of home staging according to the property condition and your living needs:

Home Staging STAGE1: we go trough the visual aspect of your home and help you define what are the easy reorganizing changes that can largely improve your home’s look. Often people who live in a home have difficulties projecting how a person that comes for the first time in their home perceives their living space. Is it welcoming enough? Are there things that may give a negative impression to a potential buyer? Are there things that may help sell my home and I’m not aware about? We are here to guide you in this process.

Home Staging STAGE2: after going through Home Staging STAGE1, if the ambience needs more coziness we bring some decorations. We check with you their disposition and bring an extra warm or fancy touch to your home (depending on the type of the existing interior design). We may bring blankets, colorful pillows, plants, vases etc. These objects are owned by Spring Properties and we do not ask for any fee to land them to you.

Home Staging STAGE3: your home may need some renovation or a more important staging. In this case we are glad to advise you on the type of renovation that may be beneficial for the upcoming sale and to refer a renovating company to you. Moreover we will also give you our advice on the type of furniture and interior design that will bring value to your property.

We offer our free home staging services only with an exclusive sale.

These images are Stock Images displayed here to show nicely decorated interiors. For privacy reasons we are not publishing here our home staged living spaces. However we will be glad to share them with you upon request.


For every home that we sell we gather documentation and prepare files to be able to provide all the required information to all parties: the buyer, the seller, banks and the notary.

We prepare attractive “dossiers” (files) which are complete and beautifully made with a unique layout and amazing photographs. They contain photos and important information that potential buyers need to know before visiting a property. In these “dossiers” we showcase the positive aspects of our properties, we show room volumes, beautiful details and attracting features. We explain the homes’ situations, their location, their advantages and their proximity to shops, schools etc.

We gather and prepare more technical documents with information from the land registry, with villages/cities regulations, we help clients determine which documents or certificates they may need to buy or to sell a property.


We believe that a great presentation translates in a successful sale of your home. That is why it’s crucial to take and choose beautiful photos. Our aim is for people to come visit a home with which they have already fallen in love with from its presentation. We take two different types of photos: short distance photos with professional photography devices and aerial view photos with a HQ drone.

You can find here below some examples and you can see more on our “properties” page.


We offer remote visits by producing “home-feeling” videos and sharing them with potential buyers. These videos allow people to visualize the volume and the space of a property for sale, they provide a global feeling of the home and showcase its advantages in a interesting and active way. Additionally, these videos remain a nice memory of the home that people once owned. Our videos are made with our Signature Music that has been composed especially for Spring Properties. You can find below 2 examples and see more in the “properties” page.




An excellent presentation adds value to your home. That is why it is very important to well introduce a property into the Real Estate Market. We write captivating texts for our advertisements that not only describe the composition of a property, but they also give a nice feeling of its ambience:

“Wake up above the sea of fog with a magnificent view of the Mont Blanc, have breakfast in your beautiful garden. Accompany the children by foot to school and do the grocery shopping a few minutes walk away from your Villa, in the heart of the Village, while living in the middle of the nature in a quiet and residential area.”

Additionally, we give unique and charming names to our homes, additionally to presenting them with outstanding photos and videos.

To better reach all the potential buyers in the region, we publish our advertisements on all major national portals like: homegate, immoscout 24, immobilier.ch, acheter-louer, comparis, etc. We also advertise on social media (facebook, instagram, linkedin) and on our website which has a high visibility on the internet. Moreover, we contact people from our database of active buyers to propose new properties. This way we share new homes for sale directly with a selection of people who are looking to buy a property with matching features.

According to every situation, we create a unique marketing strategy. We do also propose Off-Market sales, when people prefer not to publish photos of their home in the portals.


We have put into place a matching technique to make the connection between a home and its future inhabitant(s). We talk with hundreds of future buyers, we get to know their preferences and what they are looking for. This allows us to rapidly send them new properties that match their search criteria and help them find what they are looking for. We also organize preferential viewings for people on our database: we send them new homes’ files before publishing them on portals. This allows potential buyers to see new matching properties before their open publication on the Real Estate Market.

If you are looking for your future home, don’t hesitate to contact us to tell us your search criteria, we will send you new matching properties. Please fill the form below to tell us what you are looking for. Don’t forget to write your email.



Our team is fluent in multiple languages and has various cultural backgrounds. This allows us to interact with and assist local and international clients. We help expats and international people to go through all the bureaucracy and documentation required for the sale of a property and we provide translated documents. Our main two languages are French and English but we can also assist you in Italian and German. We promote cultural events where international people can connect and where we can show our beautiful houses for sale. In 2022 we have organized an Art Gallery Event in Nyon, in a location by the lake. We called it “Living Art” and its concept was to live everyday life surrounded with art. We presented Spring Properties beautiful homes together with a selection of artworks from different collections of Anna-Karin Nordin.


The majority of people buy properties by lending money from banks. This is usually the easiest way to rapidly seal the deal on your future home.

This is why the best way to proceed is to determine your budget with the bank and have their approval before starting your home search. According to your personal situation and the property different down-payments may be required.

For every property that we sell we make a financial analysis that allows us to determine the minimum capital required for its acquisition. Our expert team offers this service as a free advice to potential sellers and buyers who need assistance to navigate their options and calculate the correct sales price or their budget. Additionally, we offer a free consultation on regulations and steps to buy or sell a property. Regulations, permits, authorizations, cantonal laws. Our consultants can also assist international clients to invest in Swiss Real Estate.


We act as intermediaries between the seller and the buyer, facilitating interactions. Sometimes the purchase of a property may require some negotiation between the two parties. There may be certain conditions that need to be complied or special requests. In any case, we act as intermediaries to reach a common agreement that leads to a successful outcome on both sides.

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